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once again i am no longer using this blog so if you would like to know where i am currently residing then please send me a message (last time i will mention it i think)

why did you make a new blog? asked by Anonymous

this one was beginning to feel claustrophobic and kind of restrictive, really. i’ve also had it for a long time and i guess i just felt like a new start. there’s been a lot of new starts in my life lately, so i thought one more couldn’t hurt. i also like the first few weeks or so of having a new blog, it feels nice and fresh but also intimate and cosy (i have 2,354 less followers on my new one, which i actually quite like). it just felt like the right time to make the change.

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one good thing about having horrible circulation and permanently freezing hands is that i can stop my insanely overheated laptop from spontaneously shutting down just by keeping my hands on it

Flower Girls by Elsa Mora

“How cruel are those who love us.”

— Guillaume Apollinaire

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reminder that you can send me a message if you would like the url of my new blog !

just bleached my eyebrows a highly attractive orangey-yellow colour, i really do just get cuter by the day